Hola gang !

First things first... there's no english title to this movie... I desperately tried to find one, but the thing is that the original french title is kind of a cheap play on words and I could not find an equivalent in english.

I know, I know...

So to make a long story short the title of the movie is SANG ZERO, which translates word for word to BLOOD ZERO... but as you saw while watching the short, it often talks of percentages and "loot" shares.. and it happens that the word SANG in french is also the word HUNDRED.
In essence, the movie is a mix of BLOOD ZERO and HUNDRED ZERO... blood out of a 100% share.

As for the film itself, it was my first real kino... no challenge or nothing... just a short film. But I did set a challenge of my own for this picture.
I wanted to make a film without much crew, without all the crazyness of my work in videogame cinematography or what I see as "the traditional way of making film" : a director of photography, a soundman, some APs, and a bunch of other helping hands.
Also, I felt like my past short films we're plagued by my desire to make them perfect and that just ended up restricting me in so many ways... I would edit my script forever and would then spend months in editing, making me and the crew that invested time in the film crazy.

So I did the shoot with myself as the director, a sfx helper and 3 actors... I also wrote my film and lightly edited it without overanalyzing the whole project...

The film is far from perfect and also far from being genuinely original or very good... i think it came out great and was a striking achievement for me... A short film I made without trying to make it perfect.


MONTREAL NIGHTS (Trailer) November 2010

Hi again !

This was a quick test for a project brewing in my mind around late 2010. It actually became a short film called Sang Zero... will post soon.

I figured I could shoot a bunch of different shots with people I knew... nothing fancy, no big equipement... trying out a more guerrila type shooting... what I learned on this shoot I applied to all of my future kino short films.

Anyway this is what came of it... I think it ended up being a fun little trailer :)

LE CONDO (THE CONDO) November 2010

Hi everyone ! this is about 6 months late but I figured I should just blast through all my kino film before starting posting some content on my next production.

here is my first kino film ! shot and edited in 24hours in november 2010... I participated in this short film challenge of kino00.com and was required to shoot a film and make a soundtrack with a preselected sound bank.

enjoy !